Fundamentals of your Reading


• Soul Number Vibration

The soul vibration represents the inner you, your heart's desire, who you truly desire to be. It is the "egg yolk" within the egg. The very essence of who you are. To know your soul's expression is to "know thyself". I am able to see past lives through the emanation of this vibration.

• Outer Personality Number Vibration

The outer-personality vibration is an incredibly powerful vibration to be aware of. It represents how the world views you. (Not necessarily who you are) What people expect from you and what type of people are drawn to you. The initial impression you make on others. It also represents the best choices involving, clothing styles, colors, gem stones, jewelry, and metals. Use this knowledge to maneuver ahead in your career.

• Destiny Number Vibration

The destiny vibration is your full expression to the world. It is your cosmic identity. It is the most important number vibration in your numerology reading. It represents what your highest aim and purpose should be, and what you must do to be successful in all areas of your life. You have a purpose to fulfill in this life.

• Birthpath Number Vibration

The vibration of the birth paths influence is unchangeable, constant, and indicates vocation/career path. If you embrace the philosophy of past lives, it represents the gifts and talents you have brought with you from those lives. Talents learned and talents you may have to relearn or rediscover.

• Yearly Number Vibration

Your personal year is from birthday to birthday. The yearly vibration is one of the most powerful number vibrations directly influencing your life on a daily basis. Take "the bull by the horns" and prosper with the knowledge of what's to come in your year.

With this knowledge you will be able to take advantage of given circumstances, overcome obstacles, be prepared for the unexpected, and be "open" to the blessings and opportunities that will come your way. With knowing, come confidence, preparedness, and clarity.

I will also divide the year into three, four month cycles. These sub- cycles which I like to call the "kitchen sink, nuts and bolt vibrations" will influence your everyday activities at home and at work.

• Challenge/Weakness Number Vibration

The four challenge numbers represents the weaknesses and idiosyncrasies of your personality. In other words, your "baggage" in life. They are traits which when confronted can be turned into talents and strengths. Their affects can be the difference between success and failure in achieving your goals.

• Pinnacles Number Vibrations

The pinnacles are akin to the yearly vibrations, but involve a larger swath of time. Their influences on your life are subtle, but powerful. They generally run in 9 year cycles, and are an umbrella energy ruling over your yearly numbers. They will affect your opportunities, challenges, obstacles, and the general mood in your life. They also indicate what type of test and challenges you will encounter. They are unavoidable, yet empowering when you are aware of their presence.

• Goal Magnet Vibration

This number vibration is most influential in the latter years of your life, revealing itself like a ship finally arriving at its final destination after a very long voyage. The vibration of this number is a summation or a blending of all of your personal numbers. It is the apex number vibration representing the "climate" of your last days on the planet. To know this vibration is to know where you are always heading in life. Its vibration is a true beacon.

• Past Life information

An important note: for those who embrace the philosophy of reincarnation (past lives). I am able to see many past lives through the vibration of your soul's expression. What I find to be most important; what do those past lives mean to you now? How does the information help you along your current life path? Does it explain why certain circumstances or experiences always seem to occur in your life? Does it explain fears, tests, challenges, or even blessings? The Déjà vu feelings you have may originate from a previous life.