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“Dale was recommended by a trusted friend. My first session revealed to me I had some inner work to do - and needed to let some things go. My second session was a reflection of the progress I had made and the goals I had set before me - I was reassured to know that I was on track. Talking to Dale is like talking to your very best friend who sometimes has to have hard conversations with you but does so in love and with support -- all of his suggestions have made the difference with me anchoring in my spiritual practice.

Thank you Dale!"

"…this is blowing my mind. My head made me not sure how gifted your abilities were. But everything you said was extremely accurate.

Thank you Dale!"

"One of the first things that amazed me about Dale was his insight into who I really am. I have had many readings by various psychics, and many are good at giving details about the past and future. Dale far exceeds them by his beautiful ability to not only see what has passed and what is to come, but by giving insight as to what's going on inside a person when things happen. He gives so many tools that assist me in navigating my life. This has been an incredible help to me, especially now when I am in a difficult life transition. Dale is a joy. Your life will be enriched by his gifts!"

"Each time i get a reading from Dale, i am inspired. He is able to dial into exactly what’s going on for me and just by recognizing a pattern, I am able to emerge from it. Things i had been questioning become clear and opportunities fall into place. It’s extraordinary! My friends and i look forward to our yearly readings and occasional updates. So unlike a fortune teller who tells you what will happen (and doesn’t), Dale tells you what to look out for and what not to ignore. I love that! His readings have saved me from making many mistakes and has encouraged much success. thanks…it’s all true."

"My girlfriend gifted me with a life reading from Dale, and it blew my mind. Not only did he pick-up on and call out things I had always suspected were true (regarding past lives and inner challenges), he hit the nail on the head with my present life and situation. His reading offered incredible insight into my future journey, and opened me to a new world of possibility and awareness. I am so grateful I got to experience Dale's incredible gift."

"Listening to Dales personal insight reading, is like listening to a podcast that's just about you. He's so insightful and helpful. He knew about the house I was buying before I even considered moving! A session with him, also makes a great gift for a friend. All of my friends are now staunch NumerologyByDale devoties!"

"When I was referred to Dale well over a year ago, I was open but skeptical. However, after receiving a life reading from him, my skepticism was put to rest. I've now used him for a yearly reading and will continue to do so with each passing year. His insights are on point, accurate and quite helpful. As Dale often quotes, "Trust but verify". I trusted, and now I am verifying. He's the real deal." Heather Matarazzo - 2017

"As someone who received a yearly reading as a gift, I came with an open mind and little expectations. I was pleasantly surprised. Dale was able to tap into many core themes in my life. His perspectives allowed me to look a different angles, which became very valuable in my personal reflections. Dale accurately addressed my personal challenges, feelings, and concerns while providing guidance and action steps. I found such value in our reading and follow up, that I'm considering all his other options.

Dale is definitely worth a shot if you are looking for affirmations or guidance."

"With his upbeat delivery style and genuine interest in my challenges, Dale has served as a guiding force in helping me to understand my soul's journey. I treasure the wisdom and talents of this kind, compassionate man!"

"Dale has been an amazing Conduit in my life, for the past 4 years I've known Dale, he is a gifted  Numerologist and  Spiritual Seer. Dale has given me insight into certain matters in my life that No One on this earth ever has. His voice is caring and very soothing.  I subscribe to" Free Vibe Of The Day"and enjoy listening to it every day!!!, If you want answers to whatever it is you are seeking,  Dale is the person to contact, he is definitely the Truth!!"

"Dale is a gifted numerologist and spiritual seer. When i received my life reading from Dale it felt like he was speaking directly to my soul. He has a beautiful spirit and shares his gift of insight and knowledge truthfully and with an open heart.

He has been a tremendous help in reaffirming my purpose in this life, and also understanding and overcoming any obstacles and fears holding me back.

I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Dale."