Khaliah Guillory 

He gave me a vision about myself which helped me so much on my journey and personal growth.

Years ago, a friend from NYC told me about Dale and I was so fascinated that I subscribed to his monthly vibe and asked him for a life reading. I must say in full honesty that Dale changed my life. He gave me a vision about myself which helped me so much on my journey and personal growth. From time to time I reached out for guidance or a call, his insights always supported me enormously to make the right decisions. He often “sees” something I cannot comprehend in the moment, but later on it always makes sense to me, and things happen as he predicted them. I can highly recommend him and often give his readings as gifts. He is outstanding and I am so grateful for his guidance.

Verena Martin, Malta

Dale's readings provide me with a sense of direction…

I’ve been having Dale’s yearly readings every year for the past three years, and I can’t imagine going back. It would be like stumbling around in a pitch-dark room, desperately searching for the light switch. Dale’s readings provide me with a sense of direction, like a reliable compass I can always fall back on when I fear losing my focus or straying from the right path. His readings, especially the Life reading, have offered me a clearer understanding of who I am, where I’m headed, and what my true calling is. I wholeheartedly recommend Dale to anyone seeking to navigate life with a clear vision on their personal journey.


The audio readings have been a game-changer for me …

What sets Dale apart is not only the accuracy of his readings but also the clarity and depth he brings to each session. I am incredibly thankful for the exceptional guidance and insights provided by Dale. I first reached out to Dale 8 years ago and I look forward to my yearly readings, monthly audio insights and my personal insights sessions. Despite being in a different time zone with a 12-hour difference, he consistently makes time for me. His dedication to offering support and valuable insights, even across the miles, is truly commendable.

The audio readings have been a game-changer for me – not only are they incredibly accurate and helpful, but the convenience of being able to re-listen to them adds immense value. His expertise has significantly enhanced my self-awareness and provided valuable guidance for my personal and professional journey.

I highly recommend Dale to anyone seeking a numerology expert with accurate psychic abilities who explains numerology clearly so you can understand it, making a profound impact on your life!

Rakhi, Singapore 

Dale sees the truth and delivers it with compassion and discernment.

I found Dale’s Vibe of the Day on IG and have listened to it and the Vibe of the Month ever since. Dale’s enthusiastic love of life and of living sets an uplifting tone and adds to my morning spiritual practice. The use of metaphors and tools to use in order to connect with the energy of the day makes it easy to deeply understand his message. I had the pleasure of speaking with Dale on the phone for a yearly life reading and insight sessions and I always feel his gentle presence and care for my wellbeing. He was able to give me helpful insights and assurance when I was worried and things felt uncertain. Dale sees the truth and delivers it with compassion and discernment. Like a good friend, he will guide you away from anything that is not for you. I feel centered and tranquil after speaking with him and always have an actionable step to take as we end our conversations. I am grateful to Dale for sharing his gifts, his time and for helping me to walk through vibes with calm and clarity.

Jackie Carter, MI

I feel alive and am evolving so much during this lifetime …

I started listening to Free Vibe of the Day every morning start 6 years ago, and I still listen daily. I went further to purchase a yearly reading, a life reading, listen deeply to Vibe of the Month, and now have regular phone sessions with Dale. I purchased readings for all 12 members of my team at work as birthday gifts, and so many of my close friends have gone on to work with Dale as well. As Dale clearly says, he is not the light, but a conduit – and for me having this light placed upon the truth of my soul has been life altering. The trust established through our work together has brought me deep confidence in who I am and it has allowed me to push myself with grace and ease to live the dreams of my soul. I feel alive and am evolving so much during this lifetime so much in thanks to having Dale as part of my team.

Ryan Noon

Dale has been an amazing Conduit in my life,

for the past 4 years I’ve known Dale, he is a gifted Numerologist and Spiritual Seer. Dale has given me insight into certain matters in my life that No One on this earth ever has. His voice is caring and very soothing. I subscribe to” Free Vibe Of The Day”and enjoy listening to it every day!!!, If you want answers to whatever it is you are seeking, Dale is the person to contact, he is definitely the Truth!!

Doreen S, Long Island,  NY

Dale is simply AH-MAZING!

I had never spoken to a numerologist and I was quite skeptical of how this entire experience would go but I can tell you Dale is a rare priceless jewel. There is NO amount of money that can ever be given for the matchless encounters, wisdom, and guidance that one can receive from speaking with Dale. I lost two loved ones in 2020 due to COVID and I just needed to know that they were ok. Dale provided very specific information regarding their physical descriptions, their hobbies, and things about their personality that only someone who personally knew them would know. These descriptions let me know it was exactly them that he was hearing from and most importantly, that they were ok. It was a wonderful first experience that led me to schedule another session. I can go on and on about so many things from both sessions that were confirmed, came true, or guided me in the direction that I needed to go. Scheduling with Dale was one of the best decisions I could have ever made.

T. White, TX

Dale has given invaluable insight, advice, and direction which has been spot on

I requested an insight reading for myself and my son, and the overall experience was fantastic. Dale clearly has a gift and has given invaluable insight, advice, and direction which has been spot on. You can feel the passion and energy he puts into his work. I’m so glad I reached out to him. I  certainly encourage any of you looking for any guidance or insight into some area of your life to certainly get in touch. You will not be disappointed!

EO, Canada

Dale is the most no nonsense, yet warm and guiding intuitive…

I have worked with over the past 3 years.  He takes great care and interest to know how you are authentically doing and delivers the highest message from Spirit/God Source.  His guidance has truly helped me to develop and trust my own intuition.  I highly recommend Dale to keep in your back pocket or even on quick dial (haha) to ensure you are intune with your highest self!  Love you Dale and thank you for all you do! 

Elisha, Orbit TV

Dale has a real gift!

I believe that it’s something he was born with. He accepted the responsibility of his gift, and spent years honing his craft. I was referred to Dale many years ago and have been getting yearly readings ever since. I came to him at a time when many things were changing in my life and I felt confused and overwhelmed. Dale, lovingly helped me navigate the issues, one by one, and helped bring peace to me. He is warm, kind, funny, and insightful. I highly recommend him.

Melanie Lortie, NM

Dale is so touched by angels.

It’s a cliché to say that someone walked into your life and changed it. With Dale, it’s true, but even more profound. He wasn’t even in my life since all he had was my birth date and name, and with that information, read me as if he knew me better than I knew myself. Having a reading with him offered me confirmation and inspiration about direction, intentions, soul mission, all delivered with such clarity, vision, and grace. Dale is so touched by angels. To say that I’m grateful to have him in my life is an understatement.

Sarah, NYC

Dale Has been spot on!

I have had two sessions with Dale. Every time I’ve had a session he’s always been very pleasant and informative. Dale has been spot on with everything he mentioned in my reading. I highly recommend you book a session with Dale and get your yearly vibe !!!


Dale is the light's light!

As someone skeptical and honestly nervous about “opening the doors” or “seeing the light”, I can tell you that the experience with Dale is necessary and special. He has a true gift and his ability to share that and offer his light to others navigating this thing called life, is a true blessing. He is authentic, he is honest, he is reliable and so gifted. I am so thankful for his insights, his cautions, his affirmations and connection to our path. Dale is the real deal and we are thankful to be in community with him.

Tamyra P., Gordan, Ca

Dale is a God sent seer that knows his stuff.

Multiple times Dale has expressed seeing something that I ignored and it ended up coming to fruition. Thankfully, not as a surprise because I instantly recalled him telling me to look out for it once it happened. We bought a brand new house last year, so when he said I see a roof leak, I thought he was crazy…the roof is brand new; low and behold…we got a roof leak from a large snow storm and a missing roof shingle.  I was shocked. He also told me he sees me on Hulu, ABC, NBC, and several other media outlets, which he was right again… because I booked a national commercial that’s been airing repeatedly on just about every channel. Dale is the truth. It’s not always exactly what you think but there’s layers of reassurance, hope, and preparedness that this thing could happen. Like Dale often says if you know it’s going to rain, maybe bring an umbrella?! My umbrella is getting the readings every year and knowing what to look for, and work towards… being as prepared as I can be even if nothing happens at all. I love what Dale does and wish more psychic seers were respected for this great gift he possess.

Howard, Chicago, IL

I learned so much from my life reading by Dale.

He shed light on foundational principles of my life that I have felt in ways but didn’t understand how it all connected. Dale’s words allowed me to see a bigger picture and relax into my destined path.

Talitha, Los Angeles, CA

Forever grateful and thankful for Dale's Gifts

Where does one even begin, when describing a gift and a blessing entering their lives. I was gifted a life reading for Dales services almost 4 years ago, it has been one of the most life changing experiences I’ve ever been blessed with. Dales ability to have you hanging onto every word is beyond powerful. Initially before my reading I wasn’t able to grasp the full power of Dales abilities, I may of even been a bit skeptical. It only took 3 mins of Dales talking to remove any doubt. He’s the real deal truth. Everything that was told to me has come to light. I couldn’t be more thankful for this mans gift. I listen to Free Vibe of the day DAILY and religiously. I cannot start my days without. Forever grateful and thankful for Dale’s Gifts and his willingness to share it with the world and not keep it inside just for himself.

T. Dukes, CA

Dale is the definition of love and light; a true blessing.

I was introduced to Dale in the spring of 2018 and I’ve had Yearly readings, a Life Reading, and many insight sessions. Dale is THE TRUTH. He has such a strong and clear gift and has helped me get clear about my soul’s journey and my gifts…or as he likes to say, just reminding me of what I already know is true. His insight and advice on literally any and everything (love, business, family) is unparalleled. I LOVE Dale. He is definitely of the light and I’m always amazed by his generosity in sharing his gifts with all of us. Do yourself a favor and cross paths with him. I am thrilled to know him. Dale is the definition of love and light; a true blessing.

Aaliyah, CA

He’s the realest deal.

It’s hard to put into words just how much Dale has changed my life since I started working with him in 2018. He’s predicted major events in my personal life, work, and beyond, that I never saw coming. He’s provided insight on collaborators, partners, my family, and has even communicated messages from loved ones who have passed on. I really don’t make a major move without seeking his counsel. Dale’s readings have been so profound, and so eerily accurate, that I call him, simply, my “personal prophet.” What’s more, he’s done the same for those who I’ve sent to him, some of whom were skeptics —until they received their reading or had insight time with Dale. He’s the realest deal.

C. Gerald, NY/TX

Dale is a joy.

One of the first things that amazed me about Dale was his insight into who I really am. I have had many readings by various psychics, and many are good at giving details about the past and future. Dale far exceeds them by his beautiful ability to not only see what has passed and what is to come, but by giving insight as to what’s going on inside a person when things happen. He gives so many tools that assist me in navigating my life. This has been an incredible help to me, especially now when I am in a difficult life transition. Dale is a joy. Your life will be enriched by his gifts!

V. Ribaudo, NYC

Dale is a rare find.

He has a unique talent of insight which has really helped me understand and navigate my life journey. Dale is not a gimmick or a fortune teller. Dales’ accuracy is incredible! I get his readings delivered via audio and his voice and this vibe are so powerful even through the reading is not face to face. In addition I have a 12 hour time difference to Dale, and he is flexible in organizing a suitable time to talk. I really look forward to my readings with Dale and I often hear his voice in my head when I’m in the situation he described I would be in.

Rahki, Singapore

Dale is absolutely amazing.

His generosity, kindness, and passion for his client’s shows in the quality you’ll receive in every reading you will have with him. My first reading with Dale I knew I would be reading with him for the rest of my life. Trust me, do a life reading with a follow up with our dear Dale, and you will feel the same.

B.Belasco, Los Angeles CA

Do yourself a favor and connect with Dale.

I have been working with Dale for several years, and he has become a trusted advisor and friend. Yes, he is a gifted numerologist, but he is so much more. The insight he provides, coupled with the perfect balance of genuine concern, curiosity, compassion and humor, make our sessions feel like time spent with a wise sage and a dear friend all wrapped into one! I have referred several of my friends and family members to Dale and they have become loyal clients as well. Do yourself a favor and connect with Dale. You will be enlightened by and amazed at the accuracy of his readings.

Kimberly, NJ

I was shocked at how wonderful, knowledgeable, and accurate my reading ended up being.

“I had never tried a numerology reading until my friend told me about Dale. I was shocked at how wonderful, knowledgeable, and accurate my reading ended up being. I have since gotten readings as gifts for friends, as well as recommended Dale to others. Every single person has called me after their reading to thank me and tell me what a great experience it was for them. I feel honored to know Dale, he is truly a caring person that has an incredible gift and I am so happy that he is sharing it with the world.”

P. Roytman, Fla

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